Core Focus

Our Purpose/Cause/Passion

We say “Facilitating Excellence” for two reasons:

  • It’s what we do – We’ve been at this for over 40 years! We facilitate your workshops, meetings, and discussions with excellence.
  • It’s our overriding goal – to bring the excellence out in you and your team (leadership and workforce) and take your organization to your desired level of performance.



Our Niche

While we have experience with – and can help – all sizes of organizations, our primary focus is on the small to mid-size enterprise (<$35M/yr) who wants to “play along-side the big boys.”

Whether you want to stay small but competitive, or grow your way into becoming a larger organization, we can help you utilize mindsets and tools that the larger organizations use, but tailored to where you are today.



Good consulting isn’t cheap, and cheap consulting isn’t good.  

Affordable up-front pricing lets you know in advance what price you’ll pay for what we’ll deliver.