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It has been said that public speaking is the #1 human fear—death ranks 4th.  Maybe that is why so many people would “rather die than speak in public.”

Yet we speak to other people all the time!  If only we could be as comfortable in front of a group of people as we are when we speak one-on-one.  The truth is that you can, but it takes preparation,  practice, and a personal passion for your message.

“Behind Every Smile Is A Set Of Teeth”

Despite what you may believe, your audience wants you to succeed—or they would not be there in the first place.  You have valuable information that they want to hear.

The purpose of this session is to:

  • Acquaint you with some of the basics of effective presentation
  • Provide some tools for effective preparation
  • Help you create and use visual aids that enhance your message
  • Give you in-class practice (safe environment) with feedback.

Getting The Butterflies To Fly In Formation

This day-and-a-half workshop, taught by a master trainer, will get you started in the right direction with the tools necessary to make your next presentation memorable for all the right reasons!

The workshop is divided into 4 sections:

  • Text Preparation—from storyboard to outline to script
  • Personal Preparation—breathing, diction, warm-up and delivery
  • Graphics Preparation—using PowerPoint® effectively (if at all!)
  • Handling the Q&A session

You will be in front of an “audience” 3 times during the session, including your final 10-minute presentation on a subject of your choice.


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