• Thought-provoking
    • Dynamic
    • Challenging
    • Fun

These are words that have been used to describe John’s presentations.

He’s will leave your attendees motivated to think a little differently – and want more!

A veteran presenter and facilitator with over 30 years of global platform and classroom experience, John has worked with all levels of organizations – from boardroom to mail room.  He has presented to 4th graders (over 20 years with Junior Achievement) on up to seasoned business professionals.

Whether developing Business Acumen or Interpersonal Communications skills, John’s primary theme is “WHOLE BUSINESS THINKING” – helping organizations (through their leaders) focus not only on the bottom line, but on the people that make that bottom line happen.

Here’s  John in action

Current Topic Synopses

Emotional Intelligence For Beginners And Beyond

Emotional Intelligence is not just a passing fad or something to think about – it’s a necessity for business to be successful in the coming years. John can give you insights into what it takes to create a culture that people want to stay with and contribute to.

Understanding Generational Differences

With 4-5 different primary generational clusters in the workforce right now, the motivators, value systems, and communication styles are colliding, creating miscommunication, mistrust, and general confusion on how to deal with those “other” people.  We’ll take a look at not only what the differences are, but why they exist, and how to work through them.

The Two Sides of Customer Service

Learn the skills to show a customer you understand their needs.

Specific needs—These are why the customer has come to you.
Felt needs—These are more personal in nature.
To have their situation understood.
To feel important—they are the reason you are in business.
To feel competent and confident in their decisions.

Preventing A Run On Your Talent Bank

With employee engagement at an all-time low worldwide, and over 50% of the workforce looking to jump ship in the near future, organizations are soon going to face a tidal wave of departures if they don’t start paying attention to their people in a meaningful way.


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