The Pathfinder Sales Process

What does it take to attract, acquire, and RETAIN customers?

  • Great products or services?
  • A catchy tag line?
  • A good website and social media presence?

While today’s sales process can involve a plethora of technology options, it is still a “people” process.  Customers want to know there is someone behind the product or service who will listen to them, understand their needs—both real and felt—and will work with them to solve their problems, both now and in the future.

Your sales professionals are the “human link” between the customer and your organization’s products and services.  How they relate to your customers is a direct reflection of your organization to those customers.

Inside, Outside, Push, Pull

Whether your sales force is considered “inside,” “outside,” or some combination of both, your customers have problems that need to be solved, and they are looking for people they can trust to invite into their organization and develop a relationship with.  Today’s customer is very wary of “in your face” marketing and sales tactics.  No matter how revolutionary or awesome your product or service is, customers desire trust first.  They will set the pace.  They will tell you what they want.  And they will determine not only how well you met their specific needs, but how well you went about doing it.

The Basic Premise

It all starts with understanding the customer (potential or existing) and their needs—both specific and emotional.  Then developing an ongoing relationship that attends to both.  The PATHFINDER Sales Process’ underlying premise is…


“My purpose is to
help solve your problem.”

Why You Need The Pathfinder Process

Whether it’s face-to-face or over-the-phone, your people represent your company every time they interact with a customer.  Whether it’s a first impression or long-time relationship, their sales interactions are essential for business success.

Before The Sale

  • Create the “Trusted Advisor” relationship.
  • Discover your customers specific and emotional needs.
  • Develop solutions that solve both specific and emotional needs.

After The Sale

  • Making the difference with exceptional customer service.
  • Continuing the “Trusted Advisor” relationship.
  • Growing your business through customer satisfaction and loyalty


About The Pathfinder™ Process

The Pathfinder Process is a 36-hour workshop comprised of 5 consecutive modules.  Each  session builds upon content from the previous session.

Delivery is flexible to meet your organization’s scheduling needs.

  • Workshop Series – 1 day per week across 4 weeks.
  • Workshop Bootcamp – 4-day “intensive” session.
  • Customized “In-House” Delivery – Presented on your schedule at your location.


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