Understanding Customer Service

Whether it’s face-to-face or over-the-phone, you represent your company every time you interact with a customer.  Whether it’s a first impression or long-time relationship, customer service interactions are essential for business success.

Understanding Customer Perceptions

Customers have their preferences in how they like to be treated.  Some are “get-in-get-done-get out.”  Some want to spend a little more time conversing.  Some will tell you exactly what they want.  Some will be looking for advice and counsel.  But in every case, they want to be involved in the solution to the problem they bring to you.  Using our unique Perception Profile system, we’ll show you first how you are perceived by others, then how you can use that perception to better meet your customers’ personal expectations.  That way you can better provide Understanding Customer Service.

Understanding Customer Needs

Every time a customer connects with you, there are two very basic “needs” that they have:

  • Specific needs—These are why the customer has come to you.  Whether it’s to solve a problem, acquire a product, or looking for information, it is the reason the customer has come to you.  We’ll show you how to become a service STAR* in meeting these needs.
  • Felt needs—These are more personal in nature.
    • To have their situation understood.
    • To feel important—they are the reason you are in business.
    • To feel competent and confident in their decisions.

You’ll learn the skills to show a customer you VALUE* them.

Understanding The Difficult Customer

You know who they are.  The ones who are “never” satisfied.  The ones who are upset and want to make sure you know it—even if it is not your fault.  We’ll introduce a skill set that helps you allow the customer to VENT* without taking a personal toll on you.

“Your call may be monitored…”

This workshop does more than just give you the information.  You get to practice these skills in a safe environment and receive immediate feedback on how you did.  From there, you will create an Action Plan and receive helpful Job Aids to take with you and use back on the job.


* STAR, VALUE, and VENT are memory devices developed in the workshop.

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BROCHURE – Understanding Customer Service.

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