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The number one challenge of American industry today is the development of interpersonal relationships. The key is that we must strengthen these skills so that we might all work harmoniously together.

The ability to understand, to relate and work with the people unlike ourselves is a necessity in today’s workplace.

This involves understanding the value of differences among people and how these differences need to work together for the greatest good to the organization and the people who work for the organization.

We call it the ability to ADAPT

If you want improved relationships at work and in your personal life you need the Perception Profile and the ADAPT workshop.


The essence of the ADAPT program is to present the participants with the sensitivity to improve the quality of their relationships within the work experience through the study of behaviors of themselves and others.ADAPT is a professionally developed course for those who seek to improve their relationships with others in the work environment and/or their personal lives.

The ADAPT Workshop provides the tools you need to relate to others better.

You will learn how to observe and interpret behavior in others.  You will also come to understand your own perceived behavior pattern.  With this insight, you will be able to apply proven techniques to improve your relationships with others.   You will be able to understand and predict the response of others to your actions.  You will be more confident in dealing with others.  You will build effective relationships.

Explore how others see your behavior.

The workshop is aimed at recognizing our own behavior pattern as well as those of others.  Prior to the session, participants are asked to distribute a profiling instrument to 5 friends or colleagues. This is done in order to determine your own predominant behavior pattern.  The profile feedback received is intended to act as a point of reference—a language, regarding behavior patterns.

If your success depends on effective relationships, you need to attend.

Whether you are the chairman of the board or report to middle management — are in sales or production — how you relate to others is essential to your success.  The tools and techniques you learn at the ADAPT Workshop are applicable in all work and personal relationships.

  • Learn skills that enable you to interact with a wide range of people.
  • Appreciate who you are and how you behave.
  • Be able to make others more comfortable with who you are.
  • Reduce stress in yourself and others.
  • Be more confident.
  • Find life more exciting.
  • Observe behavior in others and understand what the patterns mean.
  • Listen better.
  • Be less judgmental.
  • Have a successful plan to follow anytime you want to interact with someone.


The ADAPT seminar includes lively discussion, relevant class exercises and case studies.  Each participant is provided with a profiling instrument and workbook.  It is typically presented in one 8 hour session with a fun, casual atmosphere.

Acceptance of change

  • Review your characteristic likes and dislikes in a proven behavioral model;
  • Examine changes in your workplace and personal life and how the changes impact your behavior;
  • Understand the consequences of not developing communication skills;
  • Accept change as a growth opportunity;

Discovery of differences between people

The program focuses on identifying individual behavior patterns, the perceived strengths and weaknesses of each and the impact of these traits on others.

  • Recognize the simplicity of basic behavior patterns;
  • Review your personal profile;
  • Understand and describe “comfort zone”.

Awareness of observable behavior styles

  • Recognize traits and behaviors in others;
  • Appreciate the value of a wide range of differences:
  • Become more sensitive to the differences in others;
  • Be less judgmental when interacting with others who are different.

Process to use when facing differences (Emotional Intelligence)

An integral part of this learning experience is the cultivation of flexibility skills (temporarily adapting one’s behavior to meet another’s expectations) resulting in reduced stress and increased productivity.

  • Describe the strengths and weaknesses in each of four behavior patterns;
  • Explain the three skills of questioning and know when to use them;
  • Understand the three skills of listening and how to apply them in conversation;
  • List reasons why some people are flexible and others are inflexible.

Transaction of becoming more adaptable

While an individual cannot change another’s behavior, he or she can modify his or her own behavior to produce a common comfort zone in the communication exchange.

  • Relate at least four influences of early values your life;
  • Understand how powerful values are;
  • Prepare an action plan;
  • Understand why flexibility is important;
  • Commit time and effort to increased flexibility.


Learn how to apply these skills with additional workshops

The ADAPT with Emotional Intelligence workshop is the foundation session for several other workshops, where the skills are applied to situation-specific environments:


We would be happy to explain more fully how this process can identify problem areas and to offer counsel on solutions.  Contact us today for an initial discussion.




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