Corporate Culture Assessment


Most Engagement Surveys will tell you what your people are thinking.

We’ll tell you why.

In any organization, there are various kinds of behaviors and attitudes that influence the effectiveness and job satisfaction of the employees. These attitudes and behaviors can be positive (supporting the organizational goals and objectives), or negative (by working against organizational goals). Such behaviors form the “Corporate Culture.”

“Employee Engagement” has become a vital measurable in organizational health. With 60% of the current workforce (including at least 25% of your “hi-potential” talent) looking to “move out” in the near future, you have a very limited time to create an environment that makes them feel like they want to stay.

Corporate Culture SurveyThe Corporate Culture Survey is designed to provide both management and employees with an insight into the nature and strengths of the organization. Results are then distributed into 10 categories that are basic to all highly successful organizations:

  • Organization/Personal Pride
  • Performance/Excellence
  • Teamwork/Communication
  • Leadership/Supervision
  • Profitability/Cost Effectiveness
  • Colleague/Associate Relations
  • Customer Relations
  • Innovativeness/Creativity
  • Training/Development
  • Candor/Openness

People — The Driving Force Behind A Company’s Growth

People are the single most important resource a company has. Only the employees can determine the performance level of an organization because they have:

  • The knowledge to solve problems, make decisions, and perform quality work.
  • The experience which puts them in a position to recommend changes and improvements.
  • The ability to provide outstanding customer service, promote the company image, and—in general—make things happen.

For premium performance to be a reality, it must be addressed and nurtured by people at all levels. That means from the top all the way down and from the bottom back up again.

Measurable Reality

There is a good feeling that comes from being part of a winning team. It’s a feeling of loyalty and commitment between people and their organization because they are working toward the same goals. The results of this project provide the tool that will point out both strengths and developmental areas in attaining those goals.

What you are saying to your employees is that they are important, that you want their input and that group communication is essential in determining the company’s direction.

Whether you want to take a picture of your entire organization or just a few parts of it, we can customize the process to fit your needs.


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